EclipseFP project accepted for GSoC 2009!

I’m happy to announce that my Google Summer of Code proposal, titled “Extend EclipseFP functionality for Haskell”, has been accepted! For the uninitiated, GSoC is a project in which Google sponsors a number of students each year to work on open source software. During the upcoming three months or so, I will be working on improving EclipseFP. In this blog, I will track my progress.

The target audience for this blog are Haskell programmers, Eclipse developers and any other software developer who happens to be interested. I will try to keep it readable for all interested parties, but it might sometimes get quite technical; in that case, feel free to ask what the hell I’m talking about, or just ignore me. Incidentally, I also just sent out a request to Planet Haskell and Planet Eclipse for this blog to be syndicated.

Anyway, since I target a fairly general audience, I have some explaining to do. In a next post, I describe what my project aims to do, how I want to accomplish it, and why I think it is important. But first, allow me to introduce myself.


3 Responses to “EclipseFP project accepted for GSoC 2009!”

  1. Robert Greayer Says:

    What’s the relationship of EclipseFP and your intended contributions to the ‘Cohatoe’ project (which theoretically lets you contribute functionality to eclipse using Haskell)?

    Good luck!

  2. Laurens van der Starre Says:

    Awesome! Haskell rules, and Eclipse is cool too. 1 and 1 equals 2. Good luck!

  3. Thomas ten Cate Says:

    Robert: Cohatoe was written by the author of EclipseFP, Leif Frenzel, for use in the next version of EclipseFP. It is still experimental, and is not used in the current release version. Whether Scion will supersede Cohatoe or be used through it remains to be decided.

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