The Green Bar

Today I have nothing exciting to report. Still, things happened behind the scenes.

The code used to give 156 compilation warnings, mostly about the long-deprecated Eclipse preferences API. I reworked all preferences-related code to use the new API instead. Now only 9 warnings remain. All of these are quite valid indications of possible problems, but mostly of dead code, so I left these for the time being.

Also, some refactorings in the way the GHC compiler was being called caused the JUnit unit tests to fail. I had so far ignored the existence of these tests, but no longer. I fiddled around with the tests and the code until the bar was green again. Unfortunately, it was mostly spinning my wheels: no real bugs were uncovered by the tests.

These kinds of things are not the most exciting parts of software development. But they are necessary.

Although, looking back through the commit logs, I can also report one small new feature. It is now possible to create a new project in an existing source directory. This makes it much easier to import an existing Haskell source tree into EclipseFP. It’s not perfect yet (for example, it simply assumes that the source is in a directory named src), but I’ll improve it in the upcoming days.


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